Scenography Today forms a partnership with Opera for Peace to cultivate and strengthen shared values.



Scenography Today, as a global platform, is embarking on a new, inspirational journey with Opera for Peace, the world’s largest network for young opera professionals. Opera for Peace is an umbrella organization that unites cultural and educational institutions and artists in six continents, which is a perfect match for our ethos, as we strive to encourage development and intercultural dialogue through creative expression in the scenic arts and design. 

“Opera for Peace is dedicated to supporting all areas of our creative field,” emphasizes Julia Lagahuzère, Co-founder & General Director of Opera for Peace. “Through this important partnership with Scenography Today we aim to identify, guide and inspire diverse talent together in the scenic arts, especially from emerging countries where training and networking opportunities are lacking”. 

Opera for Peace has just inaugurated the Opera for Peace Academy Middle East & North Africa, which was established as part of its Opera for Peace Global Connections Program. The academy aims to provide access to the Arab culture through the development of opera in the Arabic language. Through the framework of the Global Connections Program, more academies will be developed in a host of regions, offering support locally via new initiatives and most importantly, connecting those regions with the wider cultural community, globally. Opera for Peace is also engaged in protecting the planet with a series of initiatives in collaboration with the European Organization for the Climate and Circular Economy, a perfect match with Scenography Today’s future engagement in bringing planet protection to everyday life through cultural activities and design.

“When I first met Julia Lagahuzère and learned about Opera for Peace, I was struck by how many values we share,” says our founder, Giuliano Picchi. “At Scenography Today, we are very excited to join forces with an organization that will ultimately enrich the global cultural landscape.”

Scenography Today will collaborate with Opera for Peace through the platform’s program United Talents for a Prosperous Future (UNITA), which encourages creative careers as drivers of dialogue and prosperity, in a local and global context, with a strong emphasis on innovative perspectives.