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Muda Africa

UNITA Horizons is a program realized by UNITA for its international partners. Its primary focus is on advancing cultural, creative, and art initiatives worldwide. The program is committed to presenting and promoting an array of cultural, creative, and art initiatives offered by our partners. Utilizing our communication platforms it connects with art enthusiasts globally, facilitating an increase in appreciation for diverse cultural expressions and fostering mutual understanding. It aims to provide international visibility to local cultural initiatives, particularly from regions where publicity opportunities lack the most.

Key objectives for UNITA Horizons:

Sustaining Diversity of Cultural Expressions: We feature various creative and cultural projects, highlighting the rich diversity of cultural expressions from our partners around the globe.

Raising Awareness: Using our communication platforms, we promote the unique initiatives of our partners to reach a wider audience, fostering a greater appreciation for art and creativity worldwide.

Encouraging Cultural Exchange: UNITA Horizons seeks to facilitate cultural dialogue, enabling people to understand, share, and appreciate diverse creative endeavors while building a sense of unity among people.

Please write to contact@unitaforfuture.org to learn more about how to join the program.