UNITA – United Talents for the Future is a global non-profit initiative dedicated to promoting peace and prosperity through cultural and creative activities.

With a comprehensive strategy for local engagement and serving as an overarching organization, UNITA fosters, facilitates, and supports collaborations and projects aimed at:

Encouraging and empowering creative careers as essential catalysts for socio-economic innovation and the cultivation of thriving societies that ensure individuals lead fulfilling lives.

Advocating for the arts as a universal language and fundamental platform for dialogue among nations, igniting social change and fostering empowerment.

Nurturing diversity of cultural expressions and embracing the multitude of underlying cultural heritages to enrich today’s cultural landscape and ensure a future shared heritage that is diverse and inclusive.

Bridging the endeavors of creative practitioners with research in cultural and creative economics, intellectual property, heritage preservation, humanities for development, and international relations.

UNITA was established and is currently headed by cultural manager Giuliano Picchi.