UNITA – United Talents for the Future is a non-profit global initiative promoting peace and prosperity through cultural and creative activities.

With a global strategy for local action and acting as an umbrella, UNITA promotes, orchestrates, and supports collaborations and projects to:

▸ Encourage and support creative careers as key drivers of socio-economic innovation and of thriving societies that guarantee human beings fulfilling lives.

▸ Promote the arts as a common language and foundation for dialogue among nations and as an igniter of social change and empowerment.

▸ Foster diversity of cultural expressions and celebrate the variety of underlying cultural heritages in order to enrich today’s cultural landscape and ensure that tomorrow’s shared heritage will be a varied and inclusive one.

▸ Bridge the activity of creative practitioners with research in cultural and creative economics, intellectual property, heritage protection, humanities for development, and international relations.

UNITA was founded and is led by cultural manager Giuliano Picchi.