United Talents for the Future

United Talents
for the Future

Creative and cultural cooperation
for dialogue and prosperity

Creative and cultural cooperation for dialogue and prosperity

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UNITA - United Talents for the Future is a movement and a program of action.

A non-profit organization driven by the belief that we can achieve a bright future through the power of creative individuals and industries, of cultural cooperation and participation.

The program

Encourages and supports creative careers as key  drivers of socio-economic innovation and of thriving societies that guarantee human beings fulfilling lives.

Promotes the arts as a common language and foundation for dialogue among nations and as an igniter of social change and empowerment.

Fosters diversity of creative expression and celebrates the variety of underlying cultural heritages in order to enrich today’s cultural landscape and ensure that tomorrow’s shared heritage will be a varied and inclusive one.

Orchestrates cooperation bridging the activity of creative practitioners with research in cultural and creative economics, intellectual property, heritage protection, humanities for development, and international relations.

The program offers a global strategy for local action and excellence.

UNITA brokers the links that have been missing until now for artists who are dedicated to social change. It is the platform for collaborations between the arts and institutions that can, together, create sustainable programs. Artists are often challenged to address practical issues of management and evaluation. On the other hand, public and private institutions dedicated to social development may not yet identify the arts as the vanguard for positive change. UNITA brings these potential partners together and ignites exciting and sustainable dynamics.
Doris Sommer
Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures - Harvard University
UNITA Advisor for Humanities for development
Art can be a powerful tool to bring countries and cultures to better understand each other; Art managers, and a program like UNITA, have an important role to play in helping make this happen.
François Colbert
Professor of art marketing - HEC Montréal
UNITA Advisor for Arts Management

Latest Projects

Training program at William Kentridge's multidisciplinary incubator in Johannesburg

Six creators from South Africa and six from Argentina, Australia, Germany, Indonesia, Ireland, and the United States received training at the Centre for the Less Good Idea in Johannesburg.
[photo © Thusi Vukani]


Open Studio with Kentridge & Co.

Sharing knowledge and professional practices to support creative careers. William Kentridge opens his studio and talks about the processes that inform his production.
[photo © Stella Olivier]


Lines of Action


International Cooperation

Orchestrating cultural and creative cooperation across world regions for mutual understanding, cultural enrichment, and the production of knowledge .


Research & Strategy

Producing evidence for advocacy of creative careers, experimenting with new business models and financing strategies, and setting new paradigms in order to make creative careers more viable and stable.


Social Empowerment

Fostering cultural and creative participation and products, seen as drivers of change in behavior and of social empowerment.


Corporate Engagement

Bridging sectors of the socio-economic space to connect interests and facilitate fluxes of value across world regions for mutual benefit.


Training & Mentorship for Excellence

Creating opportunities for artists and creatives to receive guidance and upskill, and to connect to professional networks even where these are most lacking


Awareness & Knowledge

Offering seminars and talks to raise awareness and share knowledge with organizations, professionals, and the general public.

A worldwide network

Through the digital platform Scenography Today, dedicated to the scenic visual arts and technologies, we reach a community of thousands of creatives from across disciplines and world regions.

The digital platform serves as a repository of knowledge and channel of communication for the program as well as source of collective intelligence. 

We need to share knowledge, join forces, connect and find creative solutions for the way ahead. UNITA can be a facilitator in this process.

The world is going through irreversible changes. In these challenging times, it is imperative to build upon a holistic and humanistic approach. Nevertheless, global vision and local actions are needed to support art, creativity, innovation, education and prosperity, particularly in the post-pandemic recovery period.

Scenography Today is a digital platform with broad scope and outreach that can play a pivotal role in promoting synergies, partnerships, co-creations and cross-sectoral regional cooperation among artists as well as cultural and creative professionals aiming at enhancing the creative economy for a more sustainable development.
Edna Dos Santos-Duisenberg
International Strategist and Policy Advisor
UNITA Advisor for the Global Creative Economy

Heading to a bright future


September 13, 2021


The program builds its global network of partners among cultural and creative organizations, academic and research institutions, and experimental initiatives of co-creation and innovation. If you wish to know more about becoming a partner: contact.unita@scenographytoday.com


Acting in society and the economy

Creative and cultural activities have a broad impact. They produce millions of jobs worldwide, spill over with innovation advancing other sectors, and crete economic ties across the globe. They are a main tool of soft power and of intercultural dialogue. In society they create systems of shared values that generate cohesion and common visions for the future. The active participation in creative practices induces well-being and improves lives by generating a sense of belonging.


Where does all this value come from? From the inventiveness, initiative, and life-long investment of time and resources of creative individuals

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